Sick City: Unlocking the Secrets of Kingston’s Medical History

Delve into the captivating and often untold story of Kingston’s healthcare past this summer with the Museum of Healthcare’s historical walking tour, “Sick City: Unlocking the Secrets of Kingston’s Medical History.” This immersive experience will transport you back in time, tracing the establishment of Kingston’s healthcare institutions, and bringing their fascinating tales to life.

Engage in a 1.45-hour exploration as you retrace the steps of Kingston’s earliest settlers in their quest for health care. From the formation of Kingston General Hospital, one of Canada’s oldest public hospitals, to the inception of Queen’s School of Medicine, you will witness stories of achievement, sacrifice, victory, and misfortune.

This enriching journey is not just for the medically inclined or history buffs. It’s for anyone who appreciates an absorbing narrative that provides an in-depth look into the lives of people who made Kingston what it is today.

Each tour has been designed to be both engaging and educational, catering to everyone from adults to children. Besides the enlightening tales, the walking tour includes a fun-filled scavenger hunt and mystery letter decoding activity that promises to keep the little ones entertained while fostering a love for history.

Embarking on this walking tour is akin to walking through the pages of a living history book. And the best part? It runs come rain or shine! The tour is 1.45 hours long, with a total walking time of just 20 minutes over a 1.5 km stretch. So, grab your hat, pack some water, wear your comfortable shoes, and gear up for an unforgettable expedition into Kingston’s intriguing medical past.

Starting from July 1 until August 24, the tour runs every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, with two convenient time slots at 10am and 2pm. The journey begins and ends at the Museum of Health Care, located at 32 George Street.

What’s more, your adventure doesn’t end with the tour. Attendees are welcome to visit the Museum’s extensive galleries after the tour. Spend time exploring the diverse collection that showcases the evolution of healthcare over the centuries.

Tickets are priced affordably at $10 for adults, $5 for children between ages 6 and 12, and free for children 5 and under. Get your Tickets HERE So, why wait? Be a part of this unforgettable journey. Book your tickets today, pack your sense of curiosity, and join us as we unravel the enchanting secrets of Kingston’s medical history. We can’t wait to share our city’s incredible past with you!

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