Sherlock’s Escapes

Sherlock’s Escapes is now open seven days per week.

These are the rooms that are now available:

Escape Room: A Scandal In Kingston
Daily 10am-10pm

Our latest case in the hunt for Sherlock leads us to the Kingston apartment of Irene Adler! This is a great experience for new and experienced detectives alike! A Scandal in Kingston offers a mix of puzzles that are exciting and challenging. As with all of our cases, it is a family and kid friendly experience. While our intention is never to scare or frighten our guests, there may be some areas that are dimly lit. As well, there may be spots where climbing is involved. If you are uncomfortable at any point, we always have a workaround available.

Escape Room: The Doctor’s Redemption
Daily 10am-10pm

You can now book The Doctor’s Redemption 7 days a week, with times available throughout the day and evening! Get your team together and solve the case. In addition to the physical escape rooms, they also offer virtual games and take home cases.

Escape Room: A Culinary Pursuit
Daily 10am-10pm

Open 7 days a week all summer, this is the perfect case to crack if you have a larger group! A Culinary Pursuit is our largest experience and is packed full of puzzles of all types. As with all of our cases, it is a family and kid friendly experience. All areas of the experience are relatively well lit, with no need for climbing or crawling. This is currently the first case in our series, so if you’re looking to get the full story on Sherlock’s whereabouts in order we recommend you start here.

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