Séan McCann Sings The Great Big Songbook

Celebrate a monumental milestone with one of Canada’s cherished musical treasures! Join the 30th-anniversary live performance extravaganza honoring one of Canada’s favourite bands, with founding member Séan McCann leading the revelry. Journey alongside “the shantyman” as he masterfully navigates through the annals of time, recounting hilarious stories and belting out foot-stomping traditional favourites that echo the pristine landscapes of his beloved Newfoundland. This exclusive “tribute” show is a heartfelt homage, skillfully interweaving melody and memory, a nostalgic nod to the enduring legacy of a truly iconic Canadian band. Do not miss the chance to sing, laugh, and reminisce in this unmissable celebration, and let the harmonious currents carry you to the brighter bays of shared musical history. Be a part of the legend, and experience the music that continues to unite and inspire from coast to coast. The voyage embarks soon; ensure your place on this extraordinary expedition and be enveloped in the warm embrace of melodious Canadian camaraderie.

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