🎉 You’re Invited to Ratri before Navratri with Kingston Gujarati Group! 🎉

Kingston Gujarati Group (KGG) is overjoyed to extend a warm invitation to everyone for an electrifying evening celebrating the vibrant hues of culture, music, and dance at the largest Ratri before Navratri event in the Kingston area! 🎈 Let the enticing beats of live, authentic Garba and Dandiya music, brought to you by the renowned singer Rushi Purohit, transport you straight to the heart of Gujarat, India. 🎶 Dance the night away in our lively dance circles, and stand a chance to win stunning prizes and giveaways. 🎁 Whether you’re a seasoned dancer or setting foot on the dance floor for the first time, the exhilarating atmosphere promises a night filled with joy, laughter, and memorable moments. 🌠 Hurry, as tickets are limited! Secure your spot for Garba 2023 by purchasing your tickets on Eventbrite today. Come dressed in your finest traditional attire, or as you are, and join us in a grand celebration of unity, love, and endless festivity. 🥳 Don’t miss this spectacular event – let the spirit of Garba unite us all in a night to remember forever!

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