Quirks of Human Nature

Discover the “Quirks of Human Nature: An Evening of Poetry, Music and Storytelling” at the Royal Tavern 2.0 in Kingston, Ontario. Come witness the captivating artistry of Meg Freer, Deborah Schuurmans, and Gary Rasberry, renowned creatives whose words and melodies promise to transport you to new worlds. Unravel the beauty of human eccentricities through Freer’s soul-stirring poetry, Schuurmans’ enchanting storytelling, and Rasberry’s melodic music compositions. Step into the revamped Royal Tavern 2.0, where an evening of emotional and intellectual exploration awaits. Dive into the intricacies of the human condition on July 19th, 2023. Enjoy Kingston’s rich cultural scene while forging connections with fellow art enthusiasts. For poetry lovers, music aficionados, and storytelling seekers in Ontario, this event is a must-visit. Tag along with friends, or come alone and make new ones in this artistic extravaganza.

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