Protest The Hero

Protest The Hero is a great band from Whitby, Ontario. The genres you can class them as are Progressive metal, mathmore, metalcore and post-hardcore.

Protest The Hero are coming to Kingston, Ontario on August 10th, 2014 and will be performing at The Ale House in the Hub in Kingston.

You will be able to purchase tickets to see Protest The Hero either at The Ale House, at the Brass, or online. The link to purchase tickets is below.

The doors open at 7p at The Ale House, although I expect the band to start a bit later than that.

You must be 16+ and this is both a licensed and unlicensed show. What this means is that there will be a special licensed area within The Ale House for people 19+, and you will need to present your ID to attend.

This is brought to us in conjunction with Kingston Punk Productions.

Here is the official music video for one of their songs, Underbite. Please note there is naughty language!

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