In the splendid majesty of the 1000 Islands, the Island Queen becomes an oasis of celebration and inclusivity. This year, it opens its arms to the LGBTQ+ community for an event filled with colour, laughter, and shared joy. Each deck of the cruise ship becomes a unique venue – the lower deck houses a pulsating DJ and dance party, where the rhythms of the world intertwine to create a harmonious symphony of togetherness. The mid-deck transforms into a dazzling stage for a radiant drag show, showcasing the talent and flamboyance of our community’s finest performers. Lastly, the rooftop provides an awe-inspiring view of the archipelago, a serene backdrop where new friendships are formed under the starlit sky, against the gentle lapping of waves. It’s an empowering journey, marking a haven for those who seek acceptance, love, and unity while they cruise through the enchanting 1000 Islands.
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