New Friends, COLOURTHEORY, Lauren Carson

Join the Musical Revolution at Kingston’s Broom Factory!

Music lovers, clear your schedules and prepare to be enraptured! Kingston’s Broom Factory is hosting a live performance that promises to redefine your understanding of popular music. Featuring the critically acclaimed New Friends, accompanied by the ethereal COLOURTHEORY, and the soulful Lauren Carson, this is the ultimate musical soirĂ©e of the year. New Friends, renowned for their genre-bending anthems, provide a melodic tapestry of powerful emotions and heartfelt nostalgia. With influences from the bands they revered in their formative years, they bring forth a sound that’s simultaneously reminiscent and refreshingly modern.

The inspiring journey of New Friends is one of serendipity and synergy. When Stefan Boulineau, Ayden Miller, Cole Wilson, and Conrad Galecki collided as music aficionados in 2018 in London, Ontario, magic happened. Their debut single, “Purple Candy”, swiftly garnered over 3.5 million streams on Spotify, marking their undeniable footprint in the music industry. Fresh off their victory at the “It’s Your Shot” contest in Canada, where they bagged $100,000 in Artist Development, their success story is a testament to their individual talents converging harmoniously. From Boulineau’s mesmerizing vocals to Miller’s evocative lyrics, Wilson’s enchanting guitar riffs, and Galecki’s genius production and writing prowess, New Friends is not just a band; it’s a global musical sensation. Don’t miss this chance to witness history in the making!

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