My Three Angels

My Three Angels directed by James Gow will run at the Domino Theatre from December 2nd to December 18th.

The scene is French Guiana, a region where on Christmas Day the temperature has graciously dropped to 104 degrees. Felix Ducotel, the not terribly efficient manager of a general store, receives some disturbing news. Just arrived from France is his evil-minded cousin Henri Trochard, who has already swindled Felix out of his store back in France and now threatens to oust him from his job managing this store, which belongs to Henri. Henri is bringing with him his nephew Paul—news which thrills Felix’s daughter Marie-Louise, who is in love with Paul—until she receives a letter.

Meanwhile three convicts from the nearby prison are at work on the roof of Felix and his wife Emilie’s home. Two of them murderers, the third a swindler, but they all have warm hearts and are passionate believers in true justice. Seeing their employers’ distress, they set out to come to their aid, though their tactics are not always orthodox.

Showings are:
December 2-4 @ 7:30
December 9-11 @ 7:30
December 16-17 @ 7:30
December 18 @ 2:00

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