Music in the Park

Music in the Park is an annual festival in Kingston that takes place from the end of June to the beginning of September.

It features music all around Kingston at different venues and on different days. Usually Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays.

below is a complete listing of all of the music in the park 2019 events:

Music in the Park 2019

July 9, 2019Greg BallConfederation Park12:30pm-1:30pmLunchtime Series
July 11, 2019Riley & RileyConfederation Park12:30pm-1:30pmLunchtime Series
July 11, 2019Emily BashallConfederation Park7pm-8pmDowntown Country
July 12, 2019Big Phat Horn BandMarket Square7pm-8pmBig Band Friday
July 13, 2019Geoff Hinch Boogie & Blues BandConfederation Park12:30pm-1:30pmLunchtime Series
July 13, 2019John TorresSydenham Street1:30pm-2:30pmSounds on Sydenham
July 13, 2019Kitchen GypsiesSydenham Street10am-11amSilly Sounds on Sydenham
July 16, 2019Oscar Evans BandConfederation Park12:30pm-1:30pmLunchtime Series
July 16, 2019Dead Root RevivalConfederation Park12:30pm-1:30pmLunchtime Series
July 18, 2019The United SteelpickersConfederation Park7pm-8pmDowntown Country
July 19, 2019Nostalgic SoundsMarket Square7pm-8pmBig Band Friday
July 20, 2019Lotus ShakerConfederation Park12:30pm-1:30pmLunchtime Series
July 20, 2019Nick BabcockSydenham Street1:30pm-2:30pmSounds on Sydenham
July 20, 2019Fiddle EarthSydenham Street10am-11amSilly Sounds on Sydenham
July 23, 2019Lydia StaffordConfederation Park12:30pm-1:30pmLunchtime Series
July 25, 2019Waylon JonesConfederation Park12:30pm-1:30pmLunchtime Series
July 25, 2019Teagan McLarenConfederation Park7pm-8pmDowntown Country
July 26, 20198 to the BarMarket Square7pm-8pmBig Band Friday
July 27, 2019Oakridge AveConfederation Park12:30pm-1:30pmLunchtime Series
July 27, 2019Kitchen GypsiesSydenham Street1:30pm-2:30pmSounds on Sydenham
July 27, 2019Roger JamesSydenham Street10am-11amSilly Sounds on Sydenham
July 30, 2019Kitchen GypsiesConfederation Park12:30pm-1:30pmLunchtime Series
August 1, 2019The Post MenConfederation Park12:30pm-1:30pmLunchtime Series
August 1, 2019OdetteConfederation Park7pm-8pmDowntown Country
August 2, 2019The Frontenac Community Concert BandMarket Square7pm-8pmBig Band Friday
August 3, 2019Nick BabcockConfederation Park12:30pm-1:30pmLunchtime Series
August 3, 2019Taylor AngusSydenham Street1:30pm-2:30pmSounds on Sydenham
August 3, 2019Ollin's Drum CircleSydenham Street10am-11amSilly Sounds on Sydenham
August 6, 2019Two-Thirds Down UnderConfederation Park12:30pm-1:30pmLunchtime Series
August 8, 2019Jeff J GaultonConfederation Park12:30pm-1:30pmLunchtime Series
August 8, 2019Abby StewartConfederation Park7pm-8pmDowntown Country
August 9, 2019Dixie 6 PlusMarket Square7pm-8pmBig Band Friday
August 10, 2019Cliff Edwards & FriendsConfederation Park12:30pm-1:30pmLunchtime Series
August 10, 2019Lydia StaffordSydenham Street1:30pm-2:30pmSounds on Sydenham
August 10, 2019SweetiepiesSydenham Street10am-11amSilly Sounds on Sydenham
August 13, 2019Taylor AngusConfederation Park12:30pm-1:30pmLunchtime Series
August 15, 2019Jenica Rayne BandConfederation Park12:30pm-1:30pmLunchtime Series
August 15, 2019Southern AleConfederation Park7pm-8pmDowntown Country
August 17, 2019The Post MenSydenham Street1:30pm-2:30pmSounds on Sydenham
August 17, 2019PanacheSydenham Street10am-11amSilly Sounds on Sydenham
August 20, 2019Reg CoreyConfederation Park12:30pm-1:30pmLunchtime Series
August 23, 2019Swing TimeMarket Square7pm-8pmBig Band Friday
August 24, 2019Julia FinneganSydenham Street1:30pm-2:30pmSounds on Sydenham
August 24, 2019Gary RaspberrySydenham Street10am-11amSilly Sounds on Sydenham
August 27, 2019Mauricio & the Latin Beat BandConfederation Park12:30pm-1:30pmLunchtime Series
August 29, 2019Roger JamesConfederation Park12:30pm-1:30pmLunchtime Series
August 29, 2019AmbushConfederation Park7pm-8pmDowntown Country
August 30, 2019Rideau River Big BandMarket Square7pm-8pmBig Band Friday
August 31, 2019Roar ShackConfederation Park12:30pm-1:30pmLunchtime Series
August 31, 2019Jonas Lewis-AnthonySydenham Street1:30pm-2:30pmSounds on Sydenham
August 31, 2019Ollin's Drum CircleSydenham Street10am-11amSilly Sounds on Sydenham
September 5, 2019Chelsea RoadConfederation Park7pm-8pmDowntown Country

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