Music in the Park 2015

Spice up your lunch – and we don’t mean by adding chili powder to it; but by taking it down at Confederation Park.

Why? Because not only is it a beautiful park with beautiful views of the water – but there is Music in the Park on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays through lunchtime.

So whether you’re busy shopping at the Market those days or relaxing by the waterfront having a nice lunch – you’ve got yourself some awesome music to accompany you.

It begins at 12:30pm and will end at approximately 1:30p.

Here’s the schedule for June through September which is when Music in the Park is happening.

June 18th: Roger James
June 20th: Amanda Sadler
June 23rd: Calamity Janes
June 25th: Kyra & Tully
June 27th: The Huaraches
June 30th: Kevin Head
July 2nd: Mauricio Montecinos
July 7th: Spencer Evans Band
July 14th: Jenica Rayne
July 16th: Sean Patterson
July 18th: The Roosevelts
July 21st: Strung Out To Dry
July 23rd: Irish Roots
July 28th: The Geoff Hinch Boogie & Blues Band
July 30th: John Torres
August 1st: Kim Pollard Band
August 4th: The Celtic Kitchen Party
August 6th: Out On A Limb
August 11th: The Paradise Eaters
August 13th: Michael George Duo
August 18th: Craig McIntyre
August 20th: Landers & Rockwell
August 22nd: The Stares
August 25th: Tay
September 1st: Trioss
September 3rd: Wilderness
September 5th: Still Standin’

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