Mr Spot Dog Camp

Dogs have become a treasured part of the family, and enjoy all kinds of perks, from doggy day care, to afternoons at the spa. Families are taking their dog on vacations, and hotels now commonly advertise being “pet friendly.”

And what better place to have fun with your dog than Mr Spot Dog Camp?

From agility to obedience, agility, flyball, freestyle dancing, dog art, rally, K-9 disc, tricks, barn hunt, tracking and more, it’s the place to discover what you and your dog enjoy most — all in one location, one week, all-inclusive.

Dog-sports are fun for people and dogs of all ages and sizes. They provide a great bonding experience, as well as build confidence is shy dogs, help overactive dogs learn some obedience skills, and keep your canine companion active and healthy.

Kingston is the location of this one-of-a-kind camp in Ontario, July 9-15. Participants stay in St Lawrence College Residence rooms with their dogs. All classes are on site in secure fenced areas. All meals included.

Love to travel, train AND play with your dog? Come out to Mr Spot Dog Camp for a truly unique experience for you & your dog!

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