Movies In The Square: Shrek

It’s one of the most popular animated movie series of all timne, and the first movie of many is coming to Springer Market Square on July 30th.

That’s right – it’s SHREK! The one that started them all – and the best one by far, in our books.

Shrek, the 2001 movie, features a green ogre who attempts to rescue a princess. Mike Myers is the star in a movie that features a whole host of feature actors lending their voices, such as Eddie Murphy and Cameron Diaz.

The great thing about Shrek is the replay value. It’s one of those movies you can watch time and time again. And really – is there any better time to watch it than down at Springer Market Square, relaxing in your own chair, for free?

I don’t think so.

So on July 30th get your butts downtown and watch this epic movie. The movie will most likely start at 9 – but get there earlier in case dusk arrives a little bit earlier than expected.

Here’s the trailer for Shrek:

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