Movies In The Square: Remember The Titans

Two things to remember: The Titans, and August 6th. Because that’s the day you should be going down to Springer Market Square, to watch the pic movie Remember The Titans.

One of the best sports movies of all time, it features Denzel Washington as a newly appointed coach dealing with some serious racism.

It’s just a fantastic movie based on a true story, with a solid supporting cast to boot.

It’s part of the Movies in the Square where you take your chair, your snacks and yourself and head on down to Springer Market Square to watch the movie outside in the fresh air, on the big screen.

It’s always a really fun event and a unique way to watch a movie.

Even better is it is free.

Dusk will hit around 8:30pm-9pm so get there at 8:30 to be safe.

Here is the trailer for Remember The Titans in case you’re not convinced yet:

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