Movies In The Square: Mary Poppins

It’s the movie that is practically perfect in every way – the movie you’d describe as hmmm…let’s see…awesome? Great? Fantastic? Or supercalifragilisticexpialidocious? Yeah that last description pretty much sums it up.

The ageless movie Mary Poppins, which came out in 1964, is coming to Springer Market Square on August 13th.

This is a movie that no-one should miss. Kids, adults, seniors, students – hell bring your animals along. I’m sure even Rover or Whiskers will fall right in love with it. How can they not?

Mary Poppins is of course the story of a nanny – a magic nanny – that comes to work and help out with some unhappy kids. They’re not going to be unhappy for long though with Mary freakin Poppins around.

This is just an exquisite movie and if there’s one movie you should see at Movies in the Square, it’s this one.

Get there at 8:30pm as depending on when dusk falls – it could start then.

Older trailers really aren’t that great – but here’s the trailer for it anyway:

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