Movie Nights in the Square “Sherlock Holmes”

This summer, Kingston’s historic downtown district will serve as an enchanting backdrop for its beloved tradition – the ‘Movie Nights in the Square’ event. The heart of the city transforms into an open-air cinema, uniting community members of all ages under a blanket of stars to experience the magic of cinema.
Throughout June, July and August the event will showcase an eclectic mix of films every Thursday evening, reflecting various genres and styles that cater to diverse tastes. It’s an incredible opportunity to rediscover the classics, enjoy beloved blockbusters, or stumble upon a new favorite under the starlit sky.
The events are entirely free, inviting everyone to grab their chairs, blankets, snacks, and friends for an unforgettable night of cinema and camaraderie. The Square’s expansive space provides a safe environment to unwind and relish in the community vibe.

Each show starts at dusk.

Sherlock Homes 2009

“Sherlock Holmes” is a thrilling detective film directed by Guy Ritchie. Set in 19th century London, the movie follows the iconic detective Sherlock Holmes, played by Robert Downey Jr., and his loyal companion Dr. John Watson, portrayed by Jude Law. The story unravels as Holmes investigates a series of seemingly unrelated murders orchestrated by the enigmatic Lord Blackwood, played by Mark Strong. With his unparalleled deductive skills, Holmes navigates a web of mystery and danger, employing his wit, physical prowess, and scientific methods to solve the case. Combining action, suspense, and clever humor, “Sherlock Holmes” offers a fresh and dynamic take on the beloved literary character, captivating audiences with its charismatic performances and stylish visuals.

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