Movie Nights at Kingston Penitentiary: Escape from Alcatraz

“Experience the Ultimate Escape: Escape from Alcatraz”

The infamous walls of Kingston Penitentiary, which have held so many tales of attempted escapes, will play host to Clint Eastwood’s iconic escape thriller, “Escape from Alcatraz”. On September 2, feel the suspense and thrill as the cinematic tale of the most legendary prison break unfolds before your eyes. As the Pacific waters crash against Alcatraz Island on screen, you’ll be surrounded by the very essence of incarceration. Arrive early to secure your spot, and be part of the legendary escape. Grab Tickets HERE
Kingston Penitentiary, a National Historic Site with a legacy spanning over 178 years, offers more than just a viewing: it promises an immersion. Every movie night will be accompanied by a special presentation, revealing anecdotes and tales that bind the reel world with the real history of this iconic institution.

But the experience doesn’t end there! Before the silver screen lights up, you’ll have the chance to indulge in classic movie treats. An indoor concession will be at your service, offering popcorn, soft drinks, and souvenirs to complete your movie night.

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