Mountain Head w/ Mobius Trip Live

Kingston’s Broom Factory Presents: Mountain Head’s “Monster” Tour w/ Mobius Trip

Prepare to be electrified, Kingston! The legendary Broom Factory is set to host a sensational evening with the enigmatic Mountain Head, a band that surfaced from the depths of the Canadian wilderness, weaving an entrancing tapestry of Johnny Cash’s soul, Flavor Flav’s eccentricity, and Billy Gibbons’ rock and roll spirit. This ingenious blend of psych-rock, alt-rock, and electro-pop has garnered millions of streams, scored them Top 40 hits, and earned them accolades from none other than the iconic Wu Tang Clan. This formidable rise has enshrined them as Canada’s premier innovative indie sensation, leaving a trail of spellbound fans.

But that’s not all! The evening will also showcase the mesmerizing beats of Mobius Trip, promising a double treat for the ears and soul. This is not just another live performance; it’s an experience, a musical journey that you don’t want to miss. Secure your spot now and dive into the hypnotic world of Mountain Head’s “Monster” tour, only at Kingston’s revered Broom Factory. Grab your tickets and be a part of the magic!

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