Mistress Isabelle Brooks Drag Show

Calling all connoisseurs of glamour, grandeur, and vibrant performances! It’s time to mark your calendars for an unforgettable evening of entertainment, charisma, and dazzling talent as we cordially invite you to the iconic Mistress Isabelle Brooks Drag Show. The spectacle takes place on September 21st at the renowned Kingston AleHouse, a cherished locale known for its ambiance and hearty cheer.

This sensational event will be hosted by none other than Kingston’s Queen of Wheat herself, the fabulous Rowena Whey. As a luminary of the local drag scene, Rowena is guaranteed to enthrall the audience with her unique flair and infectious enthusiasm.

The spotlight won’t just belong to Mistress Isabelle and Rowena, though. Expect to be mesmerized by the powerhouse line-up of performers including the sassy Tyffanie Morgan, the daring Dare de LaFemme, the enchanting Sherry Anne Hex, and the captivating newcomer, Ethan. Each one of them is set to deliver performances that combine spectacle, creativity, and individual artistry, making the evening a whirlwind of excitement and joy.

However, the experience does not stop at the curtain call. Opt for VIP tickets and avail of an array of tantalizing offers. VIP ticket holders are welcomed to a Meet & Greet session with the diva herself, Mistress Isabelle Brooks. Here is your chance to interact with Isabelle up close and personal, and even get your official merchandise autographed – a perfect keepsake to remember this splendid evening.

That’s not all! With your VIP ticket, you can enjoy a discounted dinner before the show at either the AleHouse or the Grizzly Grill. Relish in some delicious bites and get yourself ready for a night filled with laughs, cheers, and thrilling performances. Additionally, VIP ticket holders will have exclusive access to a private bar situated right beside the stage, making the night even more enjoyable.

In a world often seen in black and white, why not add a splash of colour? Get your tickets now and join us for a fabulous evening of transformative performances, laughter, and unforgettable memories at the Mistress Isabelle Brooks Drag Show. Let the glamour of the evening enchant you, as Kingston’s finest drag talents bring their unique sparkle to the stage.

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