Meditation and Mantra Retreat

There exists a profound connection between our breath, our mind, and the subtle inner energy currents known as Prana in Sanskrit. When we meditate on our breath, we find our minds effortlessly gravitating towards a state of tranquility. This gentle process can be further enhanced by incorporating the OM AH HUM mantra into our breathing meditation. As the word “mantra” implies, it serves to protect the mind, inviting a sense of serenity, healing, and safeguarding within us.
Through this unique form of breathing meditation, we purify our subtle inner energy channels, enabling positive energy to circulate freely throughout our bodies and minds. Consequently, we experience a natural transformation towards inner harmony and balance.
We warmly invite you to join our intimate mini-retreat, where Gen Denpa, a kind and experienced Buddhist nun and teacher, will guide you through these nurturing meditations. This tranquil experience can offer you the gift of inner peace, and we hope you will consider joining us. Sign up here

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