Lumberjack Survival Summit

A neat event is taking place at the Grand Theatre, in celebration of Timber – a 2 day Lumberjack survival Summit.

It takes place October 24th-October 25th and you get to choose your own two day schedule. There are multiple different workshops broken up into 4 categories: Foo d& Drink, Wilderness, Survival, Woodskills and Camp Life.

There’s a lot of neat workshops like making a mug using a hatchet, Straight Razor Shaving and Fire-Starting.

There are also challenges during every meal to help everyone bond including the likes of flapjack flipping and nail driving face offs!

Meals are included in the registration fee and there will be lunched, dinners and breakfasts. Plus there is a movie to watch, and smores to snack on!

You also get to camp overnight if you want. See the link below for all the details.

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