Live Music: The Mansion

Here’s the schedule for live music at the Mansion in December:

December 1st: Bo Welland
December 2nd: Tone Deaf
December 3rd: Father Figuers Fun and Flirty Festivus Funanza – Featuring Falconer
December 4th: Logan Brown
December 5th: Jonas Lewis-Anthony
December 7th: Chris Giguere, Venus Syndrome
December 8th: Wildlife
December 9th: Brielle LeBlanc
December 10th: Midnight Vesta, Groove Commute
December 11th: Logan Brown
December 12th: Jonas Lewis-Anthony
December 14th: Betsy Smith
December 15th: Josh Audet-Smith, How Far To Mexico, Ten Sleep
December 16th: Hervana, Blue Cougars
December 17th: Three Thousand Dollar Carpets, City of Stone
December 18th: Logan Brown
December 19th: Jonas Lewis-Anthony
December 22nd: Dan Taylor
December 23rd: Beatrice Keeler
December 26th: Treebot & friends: Boxing Day Party
December 28th: Oakridge Ave, Nolan Hubbard Trio
December 29th: Alex Leggett
December 30th: Julia Finnegan

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