Live Music

This is a listing of live music in Kingston for the month of October 2018.

Please note that venues are subject to change acts so if there is a specific act you wish to see be sure to check with the venue beforehand.

We update and verify this list every Monday.

If you’re a venue and not on this list e-mail so we can figure out a way to keep updated on your events!

19th:The Stares (Raxx), Chris Jackson & Friends (Blu Martini), Rich Aucoin and Guests (Blu Martini), Luscious (Merchant), Doug Reansbury (RCHA), Hat Trick (RCHA)
20th:Beatles Night (Muski Jake's Tap), Rudy & Saddle Up (Raxx), The Great Unwashed (Blu Martini), Alex Tikhnenko and Friends, Mattie Leon, Julia Finnegan, and Evan Jackson (Musiikki), Sweet Talk Jackie (Merchant), Taylor Angus, Lotus Shaker, Alex Leggett (Mansion), Banana Jam (RCHA)
21st:Shawn McCullough (Little Texas Roadhouse), Khira Wieting, Lotus Shaker (Musiikki), Room With A View (RCHA)
22nd:Monday Jazz, Euro Cafe Duo (Musiikki)
23rd:Kalle Mattson (Grad Club), Logan Brown (Loaf N Ale), Open Mic (Musiikki),
24th:The Goodnight Irenes (Musiikki), Open Mic (Rose and Crown), USS, The Elwins (Ale House)
25th:Trevor Walsh Solo (Blu Martini), Brooklyn Doran and Leanne Hoffman (Musiikki), Smitty (Merchant), Kim Churchill (Mansion), David Vowles & Joel Williams (RCHA)
26th:Chris Jackson & Friends (Blu Martini), Chris Giguere (Riverhead), South of 7 (Loaf N Ale), Trevor Walsh (Raxx), The Stares (Merchant), Beats Workin' (RCHA), River City Junction (RCHA), Lotus Shaker Duo Live (King's Town)
27th:John McDermott Trio (Grand Theatre), Fast Forward to Friday Band (Portsmouth), The Furleys (Raxx), Richard Cranium Halloween Rock Show (Little Texas Roadhouse), Kings of the Cold (Merchant), Alex Tikhnenko and Friends (Musiikki), The Big Phat Horn Band (RCHA)
28th:Bahamas (Grand Theatre), Clem Chesterfield & The La-Z Boy Recliners (Little Texas Roadhouse), Khira Wieting, Lotus Shaker (Musiikki)
29th:Monday Jazz (Musiikki)
30th:Spencer Evans (Olivea), Open Mic (Musiikki),
31st :The Goodnight Irenes (Musiikki), Open Mic (Rose and Crown),

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