Live Music

This is the live music listing for Kingston for November 2018.

It covers various venues and a wide variety of genres of music. I check every Monday all of the venues listed and update based on accuracy.

In saying that be sure to check the official websites or with the venue if there’s a specific act you wish to see as plans do change.

November 2018 Live Music in Kingston

3rd:Wine Lips/Deux Trois (Toucan), Knuckel Hed (Raxx), Mike Brown (Riverhead), Shawn Kerr (Musiikki), Dwayne Gretzky (Blu Martini), Overrated (Merchant), Cap't Footbags, Lee Reid, Kay the Aquanaught (Mansion), Jim James & Tim (MusicMates), Canadian Celtic Celebration (The Grand), Danish String Quartet (Isabel), Up Jumped Da Blues (RCHA)
4th:Khira Wieting, Rory Tailon and Colin Fowlie (Musiikki), Double-Double Duo (Isabel)
5th:Euro Cafe Duo, Monday Jazz (Musiikki)
6th:Open Mic Night (Musiikki), Stephen Hough (Isabel), Tango Group (RCHA)
7th:Slow Man Tofu, Goodnight Irenes (Musiikki), Jordy Jackson (Merchant), Anandi Bhattacharya (Isabel)
8th:Acid Test (Toucan), Fast Forward to Friday (Raxx), Jive Ass Slippers (Musiikki), Trevor Walsh (Blu Martini), Soloman Woodland (Merchant), Thank You Canada Tour (Leon's Centre), Hotel California (The Grand), , Kingston Celli Band (RCHA)
9th:Doug Reansbury, Plant the Seed Benefit Show (RCHA), Lane & Thomas (King's Town), Moon Sugar (Riverhead), Fredric Gary Comeau, Dave and Sam Allen (Musiikki), Home Grown Live Music Festival (Blu Martini), Sweet Talk Jackie (Merchant), Wax Mannequin, Megan Hamilton, Moira Demorest (Mansion), Dean Brody (The Grand), The Skydiggers and Friends (Isabel), The Reflections (Jimmy's Sports Lounge)
10th:Holy Wow (Musiikki), Funky Friendz (Blu Martini), Tone Kats (Merchant), Castlefield, Dear Youth (Mansion), Liona Boyd (The Grand), Sing-A-Long with Georgette Fry and Friends (Calvary United Church), The Abrams (Isabel), Fast Romantics (Grad Club)
11th:Khira Wieting, Tyson Sullivan, Anthea Feaver (Musiikki), The World Remembers Concert (Isabel)
12th:Monday Jazz (Musiikki)
13th:Open Mic Night (Musiikki)
14th:Kylie Fox, Goodnight Irenes (Musiikki), Jordy Jackson (Blu Martini), Queen's Players (Mansion)
15th:Jive Ass Slippers (Musiikki), Trevor Walsh (Blu Martini), Soloman Woodland (Merchant), Queen's Players (Mansion), Single Mothers, Dboy, Joy Carr (Mansion), Steve Strongman (The Grand)
16th:Standards, Hat Trick (RCHA), Doug Van Der Horden (King's Town), Trilogy (Raxx), Sam Loaker and Danielle Knibbe (Musiikki), Chris Jackson (Blu Martini), The Stares (Merchant), Queen's Players (Mansion), The Inquisitors, Owl Farm, Mississippi Grover (Mansion), Steve Strongman (The Grand)
17th:K.B.S. Presents Blueswinder (RCHA), The Jordan Jackson Band (Raxx), Pat Maloney (Musiikki), The Trevor Walsh Band (Blu Martini), Dick Crystal and the Ice Dogs (Merchant), Queen's Players, Wickedchimpanzee (Mansion), Black is Beautiful – Family Concert (The Grand), Tim Hicks (Leon's Centre), Steve Strongman (The Grand), Shuffle Demons (Isabel), The Kents (Grad Club), Aeroforce (Little Texas)
18th:Sebastian Bach + The Standstills (Ale House), Khira Wieting, Bella Cat (Musiikki), Room with a View (RCHA)
19th:Euro Cafe Duo, Monday Jazz (Musiikki)
20th:Open Mic Night (Musiikki), A Tribe Called Red (The Grand), Tango Group (RCHA)
21st:Gord Bamford (Ale House), Marshall Veroni, Goodnight Irenes (Musiikki), Jordy Jackson (Merchant), Queen's Players (Mansion)
22nd:Jive Ass Slippers (Musiikki), Trevor Walsh (Blu Martini), Soloman Woodland (Merchant), Queen's Players (Mansion), Single Mothers, Dboy, Joy Carr (Mansion), Eve Egoyan (Isabel), Chris Murphy (RCHA)
23rd:Eric Widzinski (King's Town), The Stares (Raxx), Tia Brazda (Musiikki), Chris Jackson, Tone Kats (Blu Martini), Tone Kats (Merchant), BA Johnston, Queen's Players (Mansion)
24th:The Treble w/Hot Knives (Toucan), Rudy and Saddle Up (Raxx), The Lay Awakes (Musiikki), Luscious (Merchant), Queen's Players (Mansion), The GTA Swing Band (Isabel), The Big Phat Horn Band (RCHA)
25th:Khira Wieting, Mark Fossen and Rachel Black (Musiikki)
26th:Monday Jazz (Musiikki)
27th:Open Mic Night (Musiikki)
28th:Busty and the Bass (Ale House), Goodnight Irenes (Musiikki), Jordy Jackson (Merchant)
29th:Jive Ass Slippers (Musiikki), Trevor Walsh (Blu Martini), Soloman Woodland (Merchant), Story Untold, Selfish Things, 8-Bit Heroes (Mansion), Royal Wood, Elise LeGrow (The Grand), Steve Medd, Jon McLurg & Brian Flynn (RCHA)
30th:Southern Ale (Raxx), Deep Dark River and The Old Salts (Musiikki), Kim Pollard Band (RCHA), Chris Jackson, Celebration Army (Blu Martini), Luscious (Merchant), Jimbo, The Meringues, Menage, Bo Welland (Mansion), Adonis Puentes & The Voice of Cuba Orchestra (The Grand), Bach & Britten (Isabel)

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