Live Music

Spring is just around the corner in Kingston and with it comes some great live music in March.

Featured acts coming to town include Matthew Good, Kim Mitchell, Les McKeown’s Bay City Rollers, Alan Doyle and more. There is live music every day of the month at Musiikki Cafe and plenty of live music options on the weekends at places like Merchant Tap House, The Ale House, Little Texas Roadhouse, and Raxx.

March offers something for everyone so take a look at our calendar and check out some great live music this month.

13th:Kim Mitchell (The Grand Theatre), Wing Night The Band (Toucan), Oreoz (Raxx), Still Standing (Merchant Tap House), JD Does 80s Acoustically (Riverhead), Sean from the Yukon, Devon Runions (Musiikki), River City Junction (RCHA), Chris Jackson & Friends (Blu Martini), Dead Root Revival (The Mansion), James Blonde with Courage My Love (The Mansion), Oakridge Ave (The Toucan), Ambush (Little Texas Roadhouse)
14th:Sarah Slean and Hawksley Workman (The Grand Theatre), SQUID Pistol (Little Texas Roadhouse), Oakridge Ave (The Toucan), Rock Haven (Raxx), Luscious (Merchant Tap House), Holy Wow (Musiikki), Johnny Max Band (RCHA), The Cunning Stunts (Blu Martini)
15th:Winston Vinh Group, Antea and the Feaver Dreams (Musiikki), White Brothers (Little Texas Roadhouse)
16th:Judy & Merv's Jam (Little Texas Roadhouse), Euro Cafe Duo, Monday Jazz (Musiikki), Up Jumped The Blues (The Touchan)
17th:Small Town Socials (Merchant Tap House), Frost & McLurg Olde Time Music (Musiikki), Seventh Town (Tir Nan Og), Trevor Walsh (Blu Martini)
18th:Les McKeown's Bay City Rollers (The Grand Theatre), Goodnight Irenes (Musiikki)
19th:Kim Barlow and Rae Spoon with Mohammed Sahraei (Musiikki), Spencer Evans (RCHA)
20th:Tone Kats (Raxx), The Great Unwashed (Merchant Tap House), People You Meet Outside of Bars (Musiikki), Aylesworth, Pike, Yealland & Jones (RCHA), Chris Jackson & Friends (Blu Martini), Crimson Cay (The Toucan), Jeff Code & Silver Wings (Little Texas Roadhouse)
21st:Chalk Line (Raxx), Luscious (Merchant Tap House), Kings (Musiikki), Autonobots (RCHA), The Mill Rights and Dan Curtis Band (Blu Martini), Shade (The Toucan), The Pilons (Little Texas Roadhouse)
22nd:Winston Vinh Group, Kevin Bowers (Musiikki)
23rd:Monday Jazz (Musiikki), Up Jumped The Blues (The Toucan)
24th:The Tales (Ale House), Frost & McLurg Olde Time Music (Musiikki)
25th:Goodnight Irenes (Musiikki)
26th:Chris Landry (Musiikki), Meghan Balogh & Martin Smit (RCHA)
27th:Shake the Tree (Raxx), ToneKates (Merchant Tap House), Bag$ (Musiikki), High River Ramblers (RCHA), Chris Jackson & Friends (Blu Martini), MIP Power Trio (The Toucan), Luscious (Little Texas Roadhouse)
28th:Lake Two Fog, Eric & The Leppers, Barry & The Bar Stools (Raxx), Luscious (Merchant Tap House), Kyra & Tully, umberlune (Musiikki), The Big Phat Horn Band (RCHA), Road Apples (Blu Martini)
29th:The Monarchs (Little Texas Roadhouse), Winston Vinh Group, Tyson Sullivan and Friends (Musiikki)
30th:Yesterday Once More (The Grand Theatre), Euro Cafe Duo, Monday Jazz (Musiikki)
31st:Alan Doyle (The Grand Theatre), Frost & McLurg Olde Time Music (Musiikki)

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