Live Music

Welcome to the Kingston, Ontario live music listing for March 2019.

Rather than separate listings we provide a list of all of the live music taking place at local bars and venues. Unless it is an extremely notable act where they may get a separate listing.

Be sure to check with the venue to confirm an act is there if you are looking for a specific act just because plans change.

I check this list for accuracy every Monday.

1st:Teagan McClaren Band (Little Texas Roadhouse), Deux Trois (Toucan), Poker Nite (Raxx), Celtic Kitchen Party (Riverhead), Chris Jackson and Friends (Blu Martini), Tone Kats (Merchant), Bif Naked (Mansion), Michael K Myers, River City Junction (RCHA), AWOLK
2nd:Kruger Brothers (The Spire), Cantabile (Little Texas Roadhouse), The Cunning Stunts (Little Texas Roadhouse), Sleezer (Toucan), Shake the Tree (Raxx), The Great Unwashed (Blu Martini), Kings of the Cold (Merchant), Bif Naked (Mansion), Boag, the Braveyard
3rd:Al Duquette & the Wild West (Little Texas Roadhouse), Khira Wieting, Lotus Shaker (Musiikki)
4th:Mother Mother (Grand Theatre), Euro Cafe Duo, Monday Jazz (Musiikki)
5th:The Reklaws (Ale House), Tango Group (RCHA)
6th:Reuben and The Dark (Grad Club), Wild Rivers (Ale House), Travis Eugene and Kate Suhr, Goodnight Irenes (Musiikki)
7th:Jon McLurg & the Happy Grass Travelers (RCHA), DRFTR and Clare Coupland (Musiikki)
8th:Reckless 4 (Don Cherry's), Lane Duke (Little Texas Roadhouse), Chris Jackson and Friends, One More Girl (Blu Martini), Ezra Jordan (Mansion), Standards@7, Head over Heels with Blue Monda (RCHA), An Afternoon with Jon McLurg, The Peshtones Acoustic (Musiik
9th:The Change (Legion 560), The Hellhound Trail Blues Band (Little Texas Roadhouse), Knuckel Hed (Raxx), Placeholders (Blu Martini), Luscious (Merchant), Dan Kosub, Kendra & the Kings (Mansion), Boag, the Braveyard Whips, Savannah Shea Trio (RCHA), Edward S
10th:Matthew Good (Little Texas Roadhouse), Picket Fences (Little Texas Roadhouse), Khira Wieting, Sweet Pete and The Heat (Musiikki)
11th:Monday Jazz (Musiikki)
13th:Queen's Players (Mansion), Goodnight Irenes (Musiikki)
14th:Queen's Players (Mansion),Kingston Ceili Band (RCHA), Josh Tarek (Musiikki)
15th:Robert Cray (Grand Theatre), The Wood Sky (Grad Club), Forever: Bon Jovi Tribute (Little Texas Roadhouse), Chris Jackson and Friends, Ginger St. James (Blu Martini), Road Apples (Merchant), queen's Players (Mansion),John Torres, The Peshtones (RCHA), Sea
16th:Digging Roots (Isabel), The Tea Party (Grand Theatre), Electric Cowboy (Little Texas Roadhouse), The Ice Gods (Blu Martini), Luscious (Merchant), Queen's Players (Mansion),Boag, the Braveyard Whips, Paddy Whack (RCHA), Eniid Goodman and Coutney Kane (Musi
17th:Colin Amey & Old Stompin' Grounds, Scott Owen (Little Texas Roadhouse), Khira Wieting, We Live Next Door (Musiikki)
18th:Euro Cafe Duo, Monday Jazz (Musiikki)
20th:Queen's Players (Mansion),Noah Derkson, Goodnight Irenes (Musiikki)
21st:The Wilderness, Honest Heart Collective, Jimbo (Ale House), Queen's Players (Mansion),Chris Ronald (Musiikki)
22nd:Stone City Kings (Little Texas Roadhouse), Fade Awaays, Shade, Bo Welland (Toucan), Southern Ale (Raxx), Chris Jackson and Friends, Oakridge Avenue and Dan Curtis Band (Blu Martini), Tone Kats (Merchant), Queen's Players (Mansion),My Father's Son (Musiikk
23rd:Begonia (Grad Club), Hicktown (Little Texas Roadhouse), Trilogy (Raxx), ALS Fundraiser with Live Music (Blu Martini), Poker Nite (Merchant), Harea Band, The Placeholders (Mansion), Queen's Players (Mansion),Boag, the Braveyard Whips, Paddy Whack (RCHA), J
24th:The Dimestore Playboys (Little Texas Roadhouse), Khira Wieting, Pat Jonson and Angela Sinani (Musiikki)
25th:Monday Jazz (Musiikki)
27th:Goodnight Irenes (Musiikki)
28th:Ellevator, Basement Revolver (Mansion), Catherine King (Musiikki)
29th:Chelsea Road (Little Texas Roadhouse), Soundcheck (Raxx), Chris Jackson and Friends, The Chalk Lines (Blu Martini), Long Range Hustle (Mansion), Blues Reel Duo (Musiikki)
30th:Luke Combs (Leons), Let's ROCK with the Stares (Little Texas Roadhouse), The Change (Raxx), Bands for Bri Fundraise (Blu Martini), Bo Welland, Phantom Atomic, The Meringues (Mansion), Boag, the Braveyard Whips, Paddy Whack (RCHA), Jack Pine (Musiikki)
31st:Rock of Ages (Leons), James Ryce & Top Shelf (Little Texas Roadhouse), Khira Wieting (Musiikki)

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