Live Music

A new year brings new music to Kingston. This month we have Canadian rock legends Crash Test Dummies coming to town with their original lineup on the 24th. Canadian country music singer Tebey is also heading to Kingston on the 30th.

In addition to that, we have The Blue Stones at the Mansion and Tom Savage at the Toucan. There are plenty of live music events at venues like RCHA and Musiikki Cafe as well.

Our complete calendar of January live music is below. Always check with the venue beforehand as plans change.

23rd:The Blue Stones (Mansion), Lucanus Pell (Musiikki), Spencer Evans (RCHA)
24th:Crash Test Dummies (Grand Theatre), ToneKats (Merchant Tap House), Midnight Vesta (Musiikki), Chris Jackson and Friends (Blu Martini), Standards @7, Limestone Rock & Roll Revue (RCHA), Shake The Tree (Raxx), DRR Live (The Toucan)
25th:Ten Minute Detour, Luscious (Merchant Tap House), Sean Peever (Musiikki), Caveboy (Mansion), Sean Peever (Musiikki), The Wilderness (Blu Martini), The Big Phat Horn Band (RCHA), Trevor Walsh Group (Raxx), The Thorn of Venus (The Toucan)
26th:Kevin Bowers (Musiikki), Rabbie Burns Celebration with Turpin's Trail (RCHA)
27th:Monday Jazz (Musiikki), Lotus Shaker (The Toucan), Kevin Bowers (Musiikki)
28th:Frost & McLurg, Open Mic (Musiikki), Tango Group (RCHA)
29th:Goodnight Irenes (Musiikki)
30th:Tebey (Ale House), Galvanic (Musiikki), Angela Vergrugge (RCHA)
31st:Comfortably Numb (Grand Theatre), South Node Dance Party II (Grad Club), Ambush (Merchant Tap House), Jon Bryant, Joshua Hyslop (Mansion), Glenn Reid (Musiikki), Chris Jackson and Friends (Blu Martini), Autonobots (RCHA), Jeff Dunn (Riverhead), Anything Goes (Raxx)

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