Live Music

This is a list of live music in Kingston for January 2019.

Note that this list is incomplete this month – the reason is a few of the bars that post updates to their website of shows haven’t did so this month when we created this list.

We’ll keep checking but if you’re looking to go out for a particular night be sure to check with the venues to see who is playing.

Live Music in January 2019

1st:Open Mic (Musiikki), Dave Barton (Olivea)
2nd:Jordy Jackson (Merchant), Goodnight Irenes (Musiikki)
3rd:Smitty (Merchant), Tim Aylesworth (Musiikki)
4th:Days of Thieves, Nocturnica (Mansion), Clem, The Recliners and the Millwrights (Toucan), Chris Morris (Musiikki), Ice Gods (Merchant)
5th:AbbaMania (Grand), Julia Bannard (Mansion), China Cat Riders (Toucan), Shake the Tree (Raxx), Stone City Kings (Merchant)
6th:Khira Wieting, Lotus Shaker (Musiikki), White Brothers Country (Little Texas Roadhouse)
7th:Monday Jazz (Musiikki)
8th:The Early Show (RCHA), Open Mic (Musiikki)
9th:Jordy Jackson (Merchant), Goodnight Irenes (Musiikki)
10th:Shawna Lee Burnett, Harry Averns, Cool Hand Hatchets (Mansion), Smitty (Merchant), Rory Tailon (Musiikki)
11th:Scott Owen (Little Texas Roadhouse), Basic White, The Meringues, Blue Junction (Mansion), Sofa King Addicted, The Beta 58s, Hallowood (Toucan), Juan Barbosa (Musiikki), Rudy Saddle Up (Merchant)
12th:The Tonekats (Little Texas Roadhouse), The Reflections (Kingston Legion), Jimbo (Mansion), Vile Bodies, Meingues, Enrights (Toucan), Adam Knapp (Raxx), Holy Wow (Musiikki), Knuckel Hed (Merchant)
13th:Khira Wieting, Lotus Shaker (Musiikki)
14th:Monday Jazz, Euro Cafe Duo (Musiikki)
15th:Michelle Kasaboski (Olivea), The Early Show (RCHA), Open Mic (Musiikki)
16th:Double Yeti, Local Band, Benchmark (Mansion), Jordy Jackson (Merchant), Goodnight Irenes (Musiikki)
17th:Smitty (Merchant), Queen's Kenya Help (Mansion)
18th:The Change Rocks the 3 rd Floor (RCHA), Hicktown (Little Texas Roadhouse), Wild Card, Kiss the Fish, Glass Cactus (Mansion), Brother Elsey (Merchant), Mimi O'Bonsawin (Musiikki)
19th:I Mother Earth, Finger Eleven (Grand), Richard Cranium (Little Texas Roadhouse), Doug Paisley (Grad Club), Days of Thieves, Tami Sari, Aenigma (Mansion), Tim Seier Trio (Musiikki)
20th:Heartland Country (Little Texas Roadhouse), Khira Wieting, Lotus Shaker (Musiikki)
21st:Monday Jazz (Musiikki)
22nd:Spencer Evans (Olivea), The Early Show (RCHA), Open Mic (Musiikki)
23rd:Jordy Jackson (Merchant), Goodnight Irenes (Musiikki)
24th:Smitty (Merchant),
25th:Canadian Jazz All-Stars (Grand), UGK Battle League (Bar53), Project Red Coffee House (Mansion), River City Junction (Merchant), Mike Legere and Dante Matas (Musiikki)
26th:Erez Zobary (Mansion), The Chalk Lines (Little Texas Roadhouse)
27th:Old Habits (Little Texas Roadhouse), Bryan Adams (Leon's Centre), Khira Wieting, Lotus Shaker (Musiikki)
28th:Monday Jazz, Euro Cafe Duo (Musiikki)
29th:The Early Show (RCHA), Open Mic (Musiikki), Spencer Evans (Olivea)
30 th :Jordy Jackson (Merchant), Goodnight Irenes (Musiikki)
31 st:Smitty (Merchant), Steve Stacey (Musiikki)

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