Live Music

This is the live music listing for Kingston in February 2019.

I cover as many venues as is possible however I have to rely on their website listings and social media and sometimes they don’t update as often as I’d like.

I check the list for accuracy every Monday however it’s possible some are missed so if there is a band or act you wish to see, just be sure to double check with the venue that they are actually playing.

1st:Dead Root Revival, Connor Poulain (Mansion), Yesterday's Villians (Little Texas Roadhouse), Listen Up Kid (Toucan), Trilogy (Raxx), Celtic Kitchen Party (Riverhead), Matt Wells, J.A Cockburn and Christine Jakel (Musikki), Five Dolar Dates (Merchant), Chris Jackson (Blu Martini), Ben Heppner with Toronto Mass Choir (Grand)
2nd:Boag, the Braveyard Whips (RCHA), New Fang, Winter in Canada (Mansion), Havelock Performer,Rob Donaldson Band (Little Texas Roadhouse), Gain & Dolt (Toucan), Texas Tuxedo (Raxx), Chris Morris (Riverhead), Ice Gods (Merchant), Havlin/Charlie the Kid, And Sapph Decaf (Musiikki)
3rd:Little Kid, Michael C. Duguay, Moira Demorest, Omhouse (Mansion), The Reasons (Little Texas Roadhouse), Khira Wieting, RedFox (Musiikki)
4th:Monday Jazz (Musiikki), Goldwing (Toucan)
5th:Dave Barton (Olivea), Unearth & Dark Hour (Overtime Sports Bar), The Early Show (RCHA), Zinnia, TGC (Mansion),
6th:Goodnight Irenes (Musiikki), Jordy Jackson (Merchant)
7th:Queen's Love Without Boundaries (Mansion), Smitty (Merchant), Evan LeBlanc and Anthea Feaver (Musiikki))
8th:Lost Cousins (Mansion), Trilogy (Little Texas Roadhouse), Day of Thieves (Toucan), Ambush (Raxx), Erika Lamon, Julia Finnegan and Hadley Thackston McCall (Musiikki), Poker Nite (Merchant), Chris Jackson (Blu Martini), Andrew Mack Band (Riverhead), The Reflections (Dockside Tavern)
9th:Chris Morris (Spearhead Brewing), Boag, the Braveyard Whips (RCHA), Boylesque (Mansion), Sean N' Stone (Little Texas Roadhouse), Mona's Boy (Toucan), Knuckel Hed (Merchant), Holy Wow (Musiikki), The Monarchs (Legion 560)
10th:The Porch Pilots (Little Texas Roadhouse), Sela/Roseblatt Quartet, Sweet Pete and the Heat (Musiikki
11th:Euro Cafe Duo, Monday Jazz (Musiikki), Goldwing (Toucan)
12th: The Early Show (RCHA), Aaron Pritchett (Ale House), Downtown Trio (Olivea)
13th:Goodnight Irenes (Musiikki), Jordy Jackson (Merchant)
14th:China Cat Riders (Mansion), Smitty (Merchant), Matt Gunn and Alannah Kemp (Musiikki)
15th:Sea n' Stone, Owen Wright (Mansion), Southern Ale (Little Texas Roadhouse), The Stares (Raxx), JV's Boogaloo Squad (Musiikki), Luscious (Merchant), Chris Jackson (Blu Martini), Road Candy (Riverhead), Fuzzy Undertones (Toucan)
16th:Boag, the Braveyard Whips (RCHA), Teenage Head (Mansion), All In Chains (Little Texas Roadhouse), Rudy & Saddle Up (Raxx), Jitensha (Musiikki), Pitiless Fools (Merchant), Willie Nile (Blu Martini), Griffin McGill (Riverhead)
17th:Hicktown Country Revival (Little Texas Roadhouse), Khira Wieting, We Live Next Door (Musiikki)
18th:Monday Jazz (Musiikki)
19th: The Early Show (RCHA), The Long War (Musiikki), Michelle Kasaboski (Olivea)
20th:The Trews (Ale House), Nigel Wearne, Goodnight Irenes (Musiikki)
21st:Paul Brandt, High Valley & Guests (Leon's Centre), Smitty (Merchant), Ben Heffernan and John Muirhead (Musiikki)
22nd:Bon Evans (Riverhead), Jordy Jackson Band (Little Texas Roadhouse), Chris Jackson (Blu Martini), Roxanne de Bastion, Megan Palmer (Musiikki), Summerteeth and Guests (Mansion)
23rd:Boag, the Braveyard Whips (RCHA), Amanda Rheaume (Mansion), Danny Sylvestre Band (Little Texas Roadhouse), Trevor Walsh (Raxx), The Stares (Merchant), Jasper Bridges (Musiikki), Jeff Gaulton (Riverhead),
24th:Khira Wieting, Low Country Hill (Musiikki), Mike Pollard (Little Texas Roadhouse),
25th:Euro Cafe Duo, Monday Jazz (Musiikki)
26th: The Early Show (RCHA), Spencer Evans (Olivea)
27th:John Primer & The Real Deal (Little Texas Roadhouse), Monster Truck (Ale House), Jordy Jackson (Merchant), AWOLK and Kelly Lauder, Goodnight Irenes (Musiikki)
28th:Wine Lips, The Meringues, Straight Teeth (Mansion), Smitty (Merchant), Ellene Froese, Campbell Woods, and Nicholas Faraone (Musiikki)

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