Live Music

Welcome to the live music listings for December 2019 in Kingston.

The last month of the year brings a ton of great shows and multiple holiday based shows.

Some highlights include David Archibald’s Folk Christmas, John McDermott Family Christmas, and the Ennis Sisters’ Newfoundland Christmas.

This month also sees Lee Rocker of the Stray Cats and Kasador playing big shows.

Plus, New Year’s Eve shows from Ambush and the Rob Donaldson Band.

It’s a big month for music, here is a complete list of all the events.

As always events are subject to change. If there is a particular band you wish to see please check with the venue first to make sure they are playing.

20th:Trevor Walsh Group (Raxx), Kasador (The Ale House), The Stares (Merchant Tap House), Michael K Myers, Turpin's Trail Celtic Christmas (RCHA), Chris Jackson and Friends, (Blu Martini), Heartstring Theory (Riverhead), A Modern Winter Christmas Featuring John Torries (Musiikki)
21st:John McDermott (Grand Theatre), Retrofits (Raxx), Chris Morris (Musiikki), The Heat (RCHA), The Great Unwashed (Blu Martini), Solstice Shuffle and Social (Riverhead), Koster (Toucan), Smitty Kingston & Band (Merchant)
22nd:Kevin Bowers (Musiikki)
23rd:Euro Cafe Duo, Monday Jazz (Musiikki), Ghetto Express (Toucan)
24th:Tango Group (RCHA)
25th:Goodnight Irenes (Musiikki)
27th:DJ Nite (Raxx), Tone Kats (Merchant Tap House), Jam for Jan (RCHA),
Ianspotting with Redwoods and Birch(Toucan)
28th:Knuckel Hed (Raxx), Luscious (Merchant Tap House), Christmastime Whips (RCHA)
30th:Monday Jazz (Musiikki)
31st:Ambush (The Ambassador Hotel), The Rob Donaldson Band, Jordy Jackson and Courtney Kane (Little Texas), Rudy & Saddle Up (Raxx), Tango Group, Hat Trick (RCHA), China Cat Riders (Toucan)

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