Live Music

This is a complete listing of live music in Kingston, Ontario in December 2018.

We list all of the live music taking place at bars and other venues. You can search the table to see if a particular band is playing.

Plans do of course change and we try and update this every Monday to verify.

However especially with Winter and the weather – be sure to check with the venue before attending if there is a particular band you are looking to see.

December 2018 Music Calendar

1st:The Trills (RCHA), Jordy Jackson Band (Merchant), The Great Unwashed (Blu Martini), Xave Ruth (Musiikki), Daisytrain (Raxx), Aestrid, Paper Ladies, Julia Finnegan (Toucan), Hellhound Trail (Little Texas Roadhouse)
2nd:Khira Wieting, Pat Johnson and Angela Sinani (Musiikki), Beaches (Ale House), Picket Fences (Little Texas Roadhouse)
3rd:Euro Cafe Duo, Monday Jazz (Musiikki), Goldwing (Toucan)
4th:Open Mic Night (Musiikki), Dave Barton (Olivea), Yolanda Bruno (Isabel)
5th:Jordy Jackson (Merchant), Goodnight Irenes, The Hope State and Mike Young (Musiikki)
6th:Voyager, Dennis Clark, Justin Holland, Corey Ede (Mansion), Smitty (Merchant), The Weber Brothers (Musiikki)
7th:Cleopatrick (Mansion), Luscious (Merchant), Chris Jackson, River City Junction (Blu Martini), The Co-Conspirators, Kingsband (Musiikki), Irish Kitchen Party Band (Riverhead), The Real Shade + Topreceptor (Toucan), Jenica Rayne Duo (RCHA), Mothership (Little Texas Roadhouse), Jennifer Castle (Grad Club)
8th:Lotus Shaker (Mansion), Rudy & the Saddle Ups (Merchant), Ginger St. James and the Swinging Doors (Blu Martini), Holy Wow (Musiikki), 80's Enuff (Raxx), Emile Steele & The Deal (Toucan), Colin Amey (Little Texas Roadhouse), Kelli Trottier (Isabel), Celtic Tenors (The Grand)
9th:Khira Wieting, Lotus Shaker (Musiikki), Colin Amey & Old Stompin' Grounds (Little Texas Roadhouse)
10th:Monday Jazz (Musiikki)
11th:Open Mic Night (Musiikki), Downtown Trio (Olivea)
12th:Jordy Jackson (Merchant), Slow Man Tofu, Goodnight Irenes (Musiikki)
13th:Smitty (Merchant), Blue and Lonesome (Musiikki)
14th:The Stares (Merchant), Chris Jackson (Blu Martini), Sedan Delivery (Musiikki), PokerNite (Raxx), Sam Wilson (Little Texas Roadhouse), The Barra-McNeils (The Grand), NQ Arbuckle (Grad Club)
15th:Ria Mae, Ralph, Neon Dreams (Mansion), Road Apples (Merchant), Listen Hear Fundraiser: Smitty, 80's Enuff and Chickenwire (Blu Martini), Roch Albert and Edward Sayers (Musiikki), Texas Tuxedo (Raxx), The Cunning Stunts (Little Texas Roadhouse), The Tony Silvestri Band (Toucan)
16th:Konojel Fundraiser with Coyote Culture, The Goodnight Irenes (Mansion), Khira Wieting, Lotus Shaker (Musiikki), Shawn McCullough Solo (Little Texas Roadhouse), Michelle Kasaboski (The Grand)
17th:Euro Cafe Duo, Monday Jazz (Musiikki)
18th:Open Mic Night (Musiikki), Michelle Kasaboski (Olivea)
19th:Jordy Jackson (Merchant), Goodnight Irenes, Jon McLurg and Anne Archer (Musiikki)
20th:Smitty (Merchant), Trevor Walsh (Blu Martini),
21st:Julia Finnegan (Mansion), Still Standing (Merchant), Chris Jackson, the Trills (Blu Martini), After the News, Dough van der Horden, and Modern Winter (Musiikki), Overrated (Little Texas Roadhouse)
22nd:A Holiday Show with Sleezer, Listen Up Kid, Hungry Ones (Mansion), DJ T-Mack (Merchant), Trevor Walsh Group (Blu Martini), Gizelle de Guzman (Musiikki), The Change (Raxx), Stone City Kings (Little Texas Roadhouse), Teagan McLaren Band (Little Texas Roadhouse)
23rd:Khira Wieting, Lotus Shaker (Musiikki), James Ryce & Top Shelf (Little Texas Roadhouse)
24th:Monday Jazz (Musiikki)
25th:Open Mic Night (Musiikki)
26th:Jordy Jackson (Merchant), Goodnight Irenes (Musiikki)
27th:Smitty (Merchant), Trevor Walsh (Blu Martini)
28th:Luscious (Merchant), Chris Jackson, Ben Vandergaast (Blu Martini), DJ 1Love (Raxx), The Stares (Little Texas Roadhouse)
29th:Odd Fosters (Mansion), The Stares (Merchant), 2 X 10 Relentless (Musiikki), Trevor Walsh Group (Raxx)
30th:Khira Wieting, Lotus Shaker (Musiikki), Clem Chesterfield & The La-Z Boy Recliners (Little Texas Roadhouse)
31st:Euro Cafe Duo, Monday Jazz (Musiikki), Rudy & Saddle Up (Raxx)

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