Live Music

This is a complete listing of live music in Kingston for August 2018.

It covers the bars and pubs and who they have playing. You can search the table for a specific act.

Please note all acts are subject to change. We advise double checking with the venue prior to going if there is a specific act you are looking to see.

Be sure to check the separate listings for the Limestone City Blues Festival as well as Music in the Park.

20th:Monday Jazz (Musiikki), Goldwing (The Toucan)
21st:Open Mic Night (Musiikki), Michelle Kasaboski (Olivea), Ceilidhe Seisiun (The Toucan)
22nd:Cocktails & Jazz w/David Vowles (RCHA), Gary Cain Band (The Merchant), Goodnight Irenes (Musiikki), Doug Gifford: Jazz Age Jazz (The Old English Pub), Rose & Crown Open Mic (The Rose and Crown)
23rd:Up Jumped Da Blues (RCHA), Sweet Machete, Judging by the Curtain, Hallowood (The Mansion), Trevor Walsh (Blu Martini), Pat Jonson, Ivan Rivers + TBA (Musiikki), The Monarchs (Fairfield Park)
24th:River City Junction (RCHA), Chris Giguere (The Mansion), Chris Jackson, Stevie Ray Vaughan (Blu Martini), Julia Bannard, Julia Finnegan and Ryan Coulter (Musiikki), Jamie Vinkle (Riverhead Brewing Company), DJ 1Love (Raxx), Swiftkick (Amadeus Cafe and Beergarten), Trilogy (Loaf N Ale), The Furleys (The Merchant)
25th:Blues Jam with Blues & Co. (RCHA), Wicked Grin (RCHA), Jerome Tucker (The Merchant), Stevie Ray Vaughan (Blu Martini), Alex Tikhnenko and Friends, Tyler Forkes (Musiikki), Trevor Walsh Group (Raxx), Swiftkick (Amadeus Cafe and Beergarten), The Change on the Island (General Wolfe Inn), Trilogy (Little Texas Roadhouse), Chris Giguere EP Release Show (The Mansion)
26th:Savannah Shea and Joel Williams, Lotus Shaker (Musiikki), Chelsea Road (Little Texas Roadhouse), Swordwall Hip Hop Sundays (The Toucan), Clem Chesterfield & The La-Z Boy Recliners (Little Texas Roadhouse), Jan Lisiecki (Firehall Theater), The Tonekats (The Merchant), Swordwall Hip Hop Sunday (The Toucan)
27th:Euro Cafe Duo, Monday Jazz (Musiikki), Goldwing (The Toucan)
28th:Open Mic Night (Musiikki), Michelle Kasaboski (Olivea), Ceilidhe Seisiun (The Toucan)
29th:Cocktails & Jazz w/David Vowles (RCHA), Goodnight Irenes (Musiikki), Doug Difford: Jazz Age Jazz (The Old English Pub), Rose & Crown Open Mic (The Rose and Crown), New Swears (The Grad Club)
30th:Smitty (The Merchant), Trevor Walsh (Blu Martini), Safe as Houses, Benjamin Daktota Rogers and TBA (Musiikki), Inhuman Science, Odd Fosters (The Mansion)
31st :TGIF – Michael K Myers (RCHA), Savannah Shea Trio (RCHA), Joe Bass (The Mansion), Tone Kats (The Merchant), Chris Jaackson, The Change (Blu Martini), Rory Tailon and Ty Hall (Musiikki), Lotus Shaker (Riverhead Brewing Company), DJ 1Love (Raxx), The Jordy Jackson Solo Show (Little Texas Roadhouse)

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