Live Music at The Toucan

Along with Hip Hop Sundays and Rueben de Groot every Monday, the Toucan has live shows every Friday and Saturday night and occasionally Thursdays.

Here’s the November 2015 schedule:

Thursday, November 5th: Kasador
Saturday, November 7th: Owl Farm, Dead Messenger, Loyal Haggard
Thursday, November 12th: Kasador
Friday, November 13th: Listen Up Kid
Thursday, November 19th: Kasador
Friday, November 20th: Ghetto Express
Saturday, November 21st: Ianspotting
Thursday, November 26th: Kasador
Friday, November 27th: Rotted Roots Ramblers
Saturday, November 28th: Goldwing
Monday, November 30th: The Dan Curtis Band

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