Live Music at the Merchants

Welcome to this months edition of live music at the Merchants – listing all of the bands playing at the Merchant Tap House or other events in February.

This list is updated and verified every Monday for accuracy. Most of the events at the Merchants are on Fridays & Saturdays.

February 5th: The Stares
February 6th: Ianspotting
February 8th: Paint Nite
February 12th: Dash Trio
February 13th: Belifonix
February 15th: Paint Nite
February 16th: Paint Nite
February 19th: Rain Kings
February 20th: Jordy Jackson
February 22nd: Paint Nite
February 23rd: Paint Nite
February 26th: Still Standing
February 27th: The Stares
February 29th: Paint Nite

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