Live Music at the Mansion

Here’s the current February line-up for the Mansion. List checked, verified and updated every Monday.

February 1st: Konig, Raissa Simone
February 3rd: Melissa Greener, Savannah Shea, Erika Lamon
February 4th: Long Range Hustle
February 8th: Pony, Little Junior
February 9th: Lounge Act
February 10th: Xprime
February 11th: Grownups Read Things They Wrote as Kids, Tribe Royal, Brielle Leblanc, The Cardboard Crowns
February 12th: Musicfly Info Session & Brainstorming Forum
February 13th: Jonas Lewis-Anthony
February 14th: Queen’s Poetry Slam
February 15th: Heal the Violence Benefit: Hosted by Dave Hudson, features Sweet Machete, Trash mcCann and Darryl Fleet
February 17th: Provincial Lines
February 18th: The Relative
February 19th: Logan Brown
February 20th: Jonas Lewis-Anthony
February 23rd: Sparrows, Heavy Hearts
February 24th: Jesse Amell
February 25th: Julia Barnard, Brooklyn Doran, Midnight Vesta
February 26th: Logan Brown, Musicfly Info Session/Brainstorming Forum
February 27th: Jonas Lewis-Anthony

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