Live Music at the Mansion

September 2016 at the Mansion features the likes of the U.K. Subs, SNFU and The Honest Heart Collective.

The Mansion has live music pretty much every night and below is the complete listing of acts playing at the Mansion in September.

This list is verified and updated every Monday.

September 3rd: Paper Ladies, Sex Ray Vision
September 4th: Logan Brown
September 5th: Jonas Lewis-Anthony
September 7th: Cameron Watt
September 8th: Gold Complex, Talk of the Street, Harea Band, Bo Welland
September 9th: Chris Chord, Sean Bain
September 10th: Lost Cousins
September 11th: Logan Brown
September 12th: Jonas Lewis-Anthony
September 14th: Savannah Shea, Ian Lindsay
September 15th: The Wilderness
September 16th: Needless Love Endorsement
September 17th: SNFU, Class Act (CD Release), The Meringues, Blacktop Jumpers
September 18th: Logan Brown
September 19th: Jonas Lewis-Anthony
September 21st: Queen’s Love Without Boundaires (Fundraiser)
September 22nd: Gleneagle, Paint
September 23rd: The Honest Heart Collective, Texas King, Big Ol Jessup
September 25th: Logan Brown
September 26th: Queen’s Poetry Slam, Jonas Lewis-Anthony
September 28th: Hawking, Nubs, The Wilderness
September 29th: Jpns Grls

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