Live Music at the Mansion

This is the listing of live music at the Mansion for May 2016.

This list is verified and updated every Monday.

May 1st: Nubs
May 2nd: Jonas Lewis-Anthony
May 3rd: Hoodie Jack
May 5th: David in the Dark, The Banters
May 6th: The Damn Truth, Sate, Vorasek
May 7th: Homegrown Music Fest
May 8th: Nubs
May 9th: Jonas Lewis-Anthony
May 10th: Hoodie Jack
May 11th: Julia Finnegan
May 12th: Red House Reverend
May 13th: Chris Royer, Fossils and Gospels, We’re From Earth, UFORIA
May 14th: Kasador, Goodwood Atoms
May 15th: Tanika Charles, Nubs
May 16th: Jonas Lewis-Anthony
May 17th: Fake Shark, Paper Ladies, Royal Tusk
May 18th: Hank Rots
May 19th: Challenger Deep, Thorax, Mokomokai
May 20th: Dare To Dream Presents…
May 21st: Screamin’ Sins, Josh Peck, Deep Sixed, B.A. Johnston
May 22nd: Nubs
May 23rd: Jonas Lewis-Anthony
May 24th: Hoodie Jack
May 25th: The Wilderness, Needless Love Endorsement
May 26th: Menage, Dan Taylor, Sweet Talk Jackie
May 27th: Wax Mannequin, The Donefors
May 28th: Melanie Brulee, Jen Lane
May 29th: Nubs
May 30th: Jonas Lewis-Anthony
May 31st: Hoodie Jack

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