Live Music at The Mansion

Here’s a list of the live music and events at the Mansion on March 2016. List checked for accuracy and updated every Monday.

March 3rd: QPID Fundraiser
March 4th: Lost Cousins
March 5th: Long Range Hustle
March 6th: Nubs
March 7th: Jonas Lewis-Anthony
March 8th: Hoodie Jack
March 9th: Queen’s Players
March 10th: Queen’s Players
March 11th: Queen’s Players
March 12th: Queen’s Players
March 13th: Nubs
March 14th: Jonas Lewis-Anthony
March 15th: Hoodie Jack
March 16th: Queen’s Players
March 17th: Queen’s Players, St. Patty’s Day Bash.
March 18th: Queen’s Players
March 19th: Queen’s Players
March 20th: Nubs
March 21st: Jonas Lewis-Anthony
March 22nd: Hoodie Jack
March 23rd Eye Can See Ams
March 24th: Rob London & the Ragged, Nubs, The Kerouacs
March 25th: Listen Up Kid
March 26th: Dan Taylor
March 27th: Nubs
March 28th: Jonas Lewis-Anthony
March 29th: Hoodie Jack
March 30th: Kenny Ivimey, Apollo, Menage

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