Live Music at the Mansion

Here’s the January 2017 schedule of live music at the Mansion.

This list is checked and verified every Monday.

January 2nd: Jonas Lewis-Anthony
January 6th: Day Drunk
January 7th: Trash McCann, Musgrave Ritual, Deathsticks
January 8th: Logan Brown
January 9th: Jonas Lewis-Anthony
January 11th: Channel 77, Minority 905, BlackTop Jumper
January 12th: Big Ol’ Jessup, Texas King, Aukland
January 13th: Glands, Mokomokai
January 14th: HD Supply, Project 29, Bigmotorgasoline
January 15th: Logan Brown
January 16th: Jonas Lewis-Anthony
January 18th: Taylor Katzel, Hailah Knight, All the Queen’s Men
January 19th: Shawna Lee Burnett
January 20th: $3000 Carpets
January 21st: Social Swing Club, Beautiful Nothing
January 22nd: Logan Brown
January 23rd: Jonas Lewis-Anthony
January 26th: The Wilderness, Paper Ladies, Basic White
January 27th: Alex Bien, Zoe Robertson, Pal Man and the Dude Friends, Cameron Reid
January 28th: The Mahones
January 29th: Logan Brown
January 30th: Jonas Lewis-Anthony, Queen’s Poetry Slam

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