Live Music at The Mansion

The Mansion has live music practically every night.

Here’s the January 2016 schedule that we know of:

January 8th: Holy Sex Bastards, 47 Teeth, Kandy Face
January 9th: Hays Code, Ted Evans Band
January 10th: Regan Campbell
January 11th: Chris Koster
January 12th: Hoodie Jack
January 14th: The Chalk Lines, Erick Turnbull
January 15th: Wax Mannequin
January 16th: Flatrock
January 17th: Nubs
January 18th: Chris Koster
January 19th: Hoodie Jack
January 20th: Kenny Ivimey
January 21st: Reynold’s Creek
January 21st: Pitch Talks – Baseball storytelling for Real Baseball Fans
January 22nd: David Bowie Tribute
January 23rd: Little Junior
January 24th: Nubs
January 25th: Chris Koster
January 26th: Hoodie Jack
January 27th: Flamingo Bay, Gutter Honey, Ted Evans
January 28th: Time Giant
January 29th: Sweet Talk Jackie
January 30th: Groove Commute
January 31st: Nubs

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