Live Music at the Mansion

Here is the current schedule of live music at the Mansion for February 2016.

List is updated every Monday with any new bands added.

February 1st: Chris Koster
February 2nd: Hoodie Jack
February 3rd: T3rr3strial, Selectomatic
February 4th: Kris + Dee, Megan Hamilton, Kate Beth (CFRC Presents)
February 5th: Queen’s Focus Film Fest / Kingston Canadian Film Festival Fundrasier Concert
February 7th: Nubs
February 8th: Chris Koster
February 9th: Hoodie Jack
February 10th: Curfew, Harea
February 11th: Queen’s Sunshine Foundation Fundraiser
February 12th: Apollo
February 13th: Alex Leggett, Olivia and the Creepy Crawlies
February 14th: Nubs
February 15th: Chris Koster
February 16th: Hoodie Jack
February 17th: Hank Rots Project
February 18th: Young Empires, Banners
February 19th: Chasing Amber, Ian K, Sweet Talk Jackie
February 20th: Class Act & Karli G (CD Release)
February 21st: Nubs
February 22nd: Chris Koster, Frank Turner, Northcote
February 23rd: Hoodie Jack
February 24th: Frankenstorm, Konig
February 25th: Mack and Cam
February 26th: Les Breastfeeders (Kingston Canadian Film Festival)
February 27th: Bo Welland, Oubekou
February 28th: Nubs, The Banters CD Release, Julia Finnegan
February 29th: Chris Koster

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