Live Music at the Mansion

Here’s the December 2015 schedule for live music at the Mansion:

Saturday, December 5th: Andrew Mack
Sunday, December 6th: Regan Campbell
Monday, December 7th: Nubs
Tuesday, December 8th: Hoodie Jack
Wednesday, December 9th: Ritual, ’68
Thursday, December 10th: Boys & Girls Club Fundraiser
Friday, December 11th: The Creepshow, Screamin’ Sins, The Barefoot Sailors
Saturday, December 12th: Listen Up Kid
Sunday, December 13th: Regan Campbell
Monday, December 14th: Nubs
Tuesday, December 15th: Hoodie Jack
Wednesday, December 16th: Kenny Ivimey
Friday, December 18th: Suns of Static, Charm the Animal, Fossils & Gospels
Saturday, December 19th: Old Whiskey Road
Sunday, December 20th: Regal Campbell
Monday, December 21st: Nubs
Tuesday, December 22nd: Hoodie Jack
Wednesday, December 23rd: Oakridge Avenue
Saturday, December 26th: Owl Farm
Sunday, December 27th: Day Drunk
Monday, December 28th: Nubs
Tuesday, December 29th: Hoodie Jack
Wednesday, December 30th: Julia Finnegan
Thursday, December 31st: New Years Eve Party!

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