Live Music at the Mansion

Here’s the April 2016 schedule for live music at the Mansion:

April 1st: Kasador
April 2nd: Bon Evans band
April 3rd: Nubs
April 4th: Jonas Lewis-Anthony
April 5th: Hoodie Jack
April 6th: Pal Man and the Dude Friends
April 7th: Moon King
April 8th: Suns of Static, The Honeyrunners, Sweet Talk Jackie, The Lad Classic
April 9th: $3000 Carpets, T3rr3strial, Shushlang
April 10th: Nubs
April 11th: Philip Sayace, Shawn Lee Burnett, Dan Taylor
April 12th: Hoodie Jack
April 14th: Velvet Noise, The Diaries
April 16th: Ali McCormick, Graven, Brad Sucks
April 17th: Nubs
April 18th: Jonas Lewis-Anthony
April 19th: Hoodie Jack
April 20th: The Royal North, Hays Code
April 21st: Terence Jack
April 22nd: Cardboard Crowns, Trench Town Oddities
April 23rd: Goldwing
April 24th: Nubs
April 25th: Jonas Lewis-Anthony
April 26th: Hoodie Jack
April 27th: Hank Rots, Joel Isaac, Mostafa Mufasa, Kenny Ivimey, Hailiah
April 28th: Apollo
April 29th: Day Drunk

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