Limestone City Burlesque



Prideleque: Pride Week Burlesque at the Tie One On Creativity Bar, hosted by the ever-spectacular Limestone City Burlesque. We welcome you with open arms to join us in a captivating extravaganza that boasts not just a burst of rainbow hues but also embodies the spirit of fearlessness and self-expression that our community so cherishes. Kick off the night at 7 pm with an engaging fan-making workshop where you can showcase your creativity, followed by a dynamic and unapologetically bold Pride-themed burlesque show at 9 pm. Revel in a night of flamboyant costumes, radiant smiles, and an ever-radiating love that celebrates all shades of the LGBTQ+ spectrum. Come as you are, embrace who you are, and together, let’s illuminate the night with our prismatic identities. Tickets are required, grab your tickets HERE

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