Limestone City Blues Festival

August 25th, 2016 to August 28th, 2016 is going to be a great time to be in Kingston – because it’s time for the Limestone City Blues Festival.

This is the 20th anniversary of the Limestone City Blues Festival, and it features the likes of Jarekus Singleton, Samantha Partin & Delta Sugar and Monkey Junk.

This is always an amazing festival. It takes place all over Downtown Kingston at various different venues. There are outdoor shows all day long and then you can hit the pubs and clubs afterwards for more great performances.

Here’s all of the details we have on performances so far:

Thursday August 25th:
2pm: Pat Johnson (Confederation Park)
3pm: Heads Up (Confederation Park)
4pm: Zach Callery (Confederation Park)
5pm: Jeff J. Gaulton (Confederation Park)
6pm: Boxcar Jumpers (Confederation Park)
7pm: Sonny Slide Madamms (Confederation Park)
8pm: Samantha Martin and Delta Sugar (Confederation Park)

Friday, August 26th:
12pm: Samantha Martin and Delta Sugar (Confederation Park)
1pm: Shawn Dore Band (Confederation Park)
2pm: Fade Kings (Confederation Park)
3pm: Ila Vann Band (Confederation Park)
4pm: Agent Blue (Confederation Park)
5pm: Sandy Wilson Band (Confederation Park)
6pm: River City Junction (Confederation Park)
7pm: Conor Gains & The Ramblin’ Moon (Princess/Barrie Stage)
8pm: Phil Wiggins & George Kilby Jr – Featuring: Sherman Holmes (Princess/Barrie Stage)

Saturday, August 27th:
11am: Conor Gains & The Ramblin’ (Confederation Park)
12pm: DoubleDouble (Confederation Park)
1pm: Kim Pollard Band (Confederation Park)
2pm: The Wickham Brothers (Confederation Park)
3pm: Geoff Hinch Boogie and Blues Band (Confederation Park)
4pm: Blues Highway (Confederation Park)
5pm: Killing Floor (Confederation Park)
6pm: Big Mo & The Blues Mission (Confederation Park)
7pm: Talk of the Street (Market Square)
8pm: Monkey Junk (Market Square)
9pm: Jarekus Singleton (Market Square)

Sunday, August 28th:
12pm: The Peg Voigt Band (Confederation Park)
1pm: Justin Saladino (Confederation Park)
2pm: David Owen (Confederation Park)
3pm: Three Times Lucky (Confederation Park)
4pm: Blues & Company (Confederation Park)

And on top of that we have performances at various clubs and bars around Kingston. Here’s the details on that:

Thursday, August 25th:
Talk of the Street (RCHA Club)
RoughMix (The Royal Tavern)
Samantha Martin & Delta Sugar (Tir Nan Og)

Friday, August 26th:
Swiftkick (Amadeus Cafe)
Conor Gains Band (BLUMartini)
Ila Vann (Megalo’s)
Justin Saladino Band (The Merchant)
Wickham Brothers (Queen’s Inn)
River City Junction (RCHA Club at 8pm)
Phil Wiggins, George Kilby and Sherman Holmes (RCHA Club at 9:30pm)
Kim Pollard Band (Sir John’s Public House)
Boxcar Jumpers (The Royal Tavern)
Little Bobby & the Jumpstarts (The Toucan)

Saturday, August 27th:
Swiftkick (Amadeus)
Filet of Soul (BLUMartini)
Kim Pollard Band (Megalo’s)
Justin Saladino Band (The Merchant)
Jeff J Gaulton (Musiikki Cafe at 8pm)
Boxcar Jumpers (Queen’s Inn)
Sonny Slide Maddams (1pm at RCHA)
River City Junction (2pm at RCHA)
Three Times Lucky (9pm at RCHA)
Double Double (Sir John’s at 8:30pm)
RoughMix (The Royal Tavern)
Monkey Junk (Tir Nan Og)
Little Bobby and the Jumpstarts (The Toucan)

Sunday, August 28th:
Le Chien Noir allstars at 11:30am
Double Double (Sir John’s at 12:30pm)

Unless noted expect most of those to start at around 9:30pm although if there is a particular band you want to see, check with the venue.

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