Limestone City Blues Festival

Limestone City Blues Festival: A Symphony of Soul in Kingston

Picture the soul-stirring melodies of blues legends and emerging icons, converging in a city teeming with historical allure and vibrant culture. This summer, Kingston invites you to a unique celebration of blues, soul, folk, and R&B music at the Limestone City Blues Festival from August 24th to 27th. Whether you’re a lifelong Kingston resident, a tourist looking to explore the rich tapestry of Canadian music, or simply a lover of the blues, this is a festival you cannot afford to miss.

A Melody to Remember

Spread across iconic music venues including Springer Market Square, Confederation Park, and various downtown Kingston hotspots, the festival promises a multifaceted experience that transcends ordinary music gatherings. Immerse yourself in the rhythmic stories of the blues as it weaves through the heart of Kingston, echoing the city’s own colorful history and contemporary vibrancy.

Meet the Main Headliners
Jeremie Albino: From the bustling cityscape of Toronto to the tranquillity of Prince Edward County, Jeremie’s journey is a captivating tale. His music, a fine blend of soulful rock ‘n’ roll, folk, and legendary blues, resonates with the heart and the soul.

Roosevelt Collier: Known as “The Dr.,” Roosevelt’s pedal steel guitar speaks volumes. A product of the sacred steel tradition, his electrifying slide work has left audiences across the globe in awe.

Durham County Poets: A band that truly encapsulates Canadiana sound, weaving blues, soul, folk, R&B, and gospel seamlessly. With a JUNO AWARD nomination, they are a testament to the unifying power of music.

Jerry Leger & The Situation: Jerry’s timeless songwriting brings a poetic melancholy that echoes the likes of Blue Rodeo and Lucinda Williams. A craftsman in every sense, he’s a must-watch.

Bywater Call: Meghan Parnell and Dave Barnes lead this 7-piece southern soul and roots rock band. With numerous nominations and international tours, their powerful performance is a highlight of the festival.

Rob Lutes: Blending blues, folk, and Americana, Rob’s masterful fingerstyle guitar work and soulful voice have made him a standout figure in the contemporary music scene.

A Call to Kingston

With the St. Lawrence River as a backdrop, the Limestone City Blues Festival is more than a concert series; it’s an exploration of Canada’s diverse musical heritage, a gathering of communities, and an experience that unites hearts and minds.

Enjoy local cuisine, arts and crafts, street performances, and more as you wander through Kingston’s charming streets. The city, bathed in music and illuminated by creativity, will become your home for these unforgettable four days.

Mark Your Calendars
Tickets are on sale now, with various options to suit your needs. Don’t miss out on this unparalleled celebration of music and culture.

Come to Kingston. Feel the blues. Join the Limestone City Blues Festival.

Music connects us all. See you there.

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