“La bulle”

Step into a world of dreams, absurdity, and whimsical charm at the live performance of “La Bulle”, set against the picturesque backdrop of MacDonald Park in Kingston, Ontario. This captivating show is co-presented by The Kingston Theatre Alliance and Le Centre Culturel Frontenac, as part of the inspiring 2023 Kick & Push Festival. A festival renowned for its ability to challenge the boundaries of conventional theatre and promising an experience like no other.

“La Bulle” brings an extraordinary narrative to life, featuring a unique bubble tent, not just as a set piece, but as an intriguing character in its own right. The tent, a transparent home, is inhabited by the iconic figure of Pierrot – the eternal loner and dreamer. This peculiar pair exists in an unusual, transparent symbiosis that is intriguing and irresistibly captivating.

With no place to hide in this transparent world, the audience is pulled into Pierrot’s space, compelled to share in his solitude, dreams, and whimsical antics. The scenarios unfurl in a crescendo of absurdity, skillfully leveraged by Pierrot’s clear and moonlit persona.

Pierrot, garbed in his signature black and white costume and make-up, communicates through an array of art forms – mime, dance, text, even drawing. Each action, each line, and each sketch creates an ephemeral bond with the audience, engaging them in a world where the ordinary meets the extraordinary.

The charm of Pierrot lies in his acceptance of solitude, finding joy in it, swimming freely like a fish in the realm of his dreams. His journey is tinged with touches of humour and adorned with poetry, embodying the spirit of CORPUS’s ethos.

Don’t miss this enchanting, one-of-a-kind theatrical event. “La Bulle” offers an unforgettably surreal evening of theatre, a spectacle that promises to engage, amuse, and leave you contemplating the delicate beauty of solitude and dreams.

Join us in MacDonald Park, Kingston Ontario, and give Pierrot a little of your time. You may find that this solitary dreamer’s ephemeral world of bubbles is far more intriguing and touching than you ever imagined. Your presence will bring life to Pierrot’s dreams and offer a night of theatrical magic you will not soon forget, So Grab your Tickets Here

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