KRRA Limestone Mile

Get ready to experience an electrifying rush as the Kingston Road Runners Association invites you to join them for an adrenaline-pumping event on Canada Day, Saturday, July 1st, 2023. The highly anticipated KRRA Limestone Mile is back, and it’s bound to ignite your passion for running and leave you buzzing with excitement.

Step onto the Kingston Memorial Centre Track, where the action unfolds in a thrilling display of speed, endurance, and sheer determination. This meticulously planned course ensures your safety and offers the perfect vantage point for spectators. With ample parking and a route free from any traffic concerns, you can focus entirely on your performance. The course has been officially measured and certified, guaranteeing its accuracy and providing you with a flawless running surface. And the best part? The start line is wide enough to accommodate four runners abreast, allowing you to embark on your journey side by side with fellow enthusiasts.

Registration is now open, and the thrill of anticipation is building up. Secure your spot for this exhilarating event, with adult registrations available for $30 (KRRA members enjoy a $5 discount). For the younger ones, the Kids’ Mile offers an opportunity to shine for just $10. But that’s not all. Prepare to don a stylish Canada Day dri-fit crew neck shirt, showcasing your patriotic spirit and athletic prowess. Be sure to register by June 12, 2023, at midnight, to guarantee your shirt size and make a fashion statement on race day.

When the sun rises on July 1st, a wave of excitement will sweep through the air. The action kicks off with the Kids Race at 9:00 am, a moment filled with boundless energy and youthful exuberance. And if we surpass 100 participants, we’ll divide the race into two, adding even more intensity to the event. The Women’s Race follows at 9:20 am, where fierce competitors will push their limits, inspiring onlookers with their unwavering determination. Then, at 9:40 am, it’s time for the Men’s Race, as a sea of focused athletes take their positions, ready to leave it all on the track. Arriving half an hour before your event ensures you have ample time for parking, warming up, and mentally preparing yourself to shine on the start line.

But the KRRA Limestone Mile is more than just a race. It’s an opportunity to make a profound impact on the community. By participating, you’ll be supporting the Youth Diversion and the Kevin Dunbar Memorial Scholarship Fund. These initiatives play a crucial role in empowering and uplifting young individuals, providing them with the tools and opportunities to overcome challenges and pursue a brighter future. Let your footsteps echo with purpose as you contribute to these worthy causes.

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