Get ready, Kingston! The spellbinding Canadian rock icon, Chris Koster, is coming to electrify your senses at the Kingston Broom Factory on July 29th. Known for his kaleidoscopic range and experimental prowess, this phenomenal singer-songwriter is set to deliver an unforgettable night of raw energy and soul-stirring melodies. With his inimitable blend of influences from Trent Reznor to The Beatles, Koster’s live performance promises a dynamic, immersive experience that spans from soft pop serenades to charged metal epics. Grab your tickets HERE

This multi-talented maestro, who has showcased his musical genius through both solo ventures and with his band The Glorious Sons, is not just a performer – he’s a spectacle. Koster’s unique ability to encapsulate the essence of a range of genres, combined with his hands-on approach of playing the majority of the instruments on his albums, echoes the grandeur of music greats like Gary Numan and Prince.

Having toured extensively over the past years, Koster’s commanding presence on stage and his intuitive interaction with the audience make his concerts a must-see event. Kingston, get ready to witness the live expression of his critically acclaimed albums, Secrets of the Lonely and Sex, Love & Morality, and prepare to be enthralled by the magnetic allure of this rock virtuoso. This is more than a concert. This is an opportunity to live a moment in music history. Don’t miss out on this night with Chris Koster – it’s guaranteed to be a night to remember.

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