Kingston Symphony Vinyl Records Sale

Quick note that from February 29th-March 14th for this sale the Kingston Symphony is seeking donations for the sale. Items like LPs, 45 & 78 RPM records, blurays, dvds, cd & dvd players, speakers, ipod docks, cables etc.

The sale will then begin March 17th-20th. It’s 4-8pm on the 17th, 10am-8pm on the 18th, 10am-4pm on the 19th and finally 10am-2pm on the Sunday, March 20th.

They will sell all of the above mentioned items and more – boomboxes, shelf systems, turntables, recievers, radios etc.

All of the vinyl records will be well organized to make it easier to browse – all sorted into the appropriate category like Dance, Folk, Opera, Classical etc.

It takes place at the Kingston Symphony Warehouse and is free to attend of course!

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